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About Us

Site Property Company (SPC) was formed in 2002 by David Draper with the purpose of becoming an industry leader in wireless site development. Since the early 1990's, David has worked with every major carrier and tower company, forming and maintaining relationships and building the respected reputation that follows him today.

Jonathan Mock joined David and SPC in 2006. He became a partner and now runs the project management and operations side of the company.

Guiding Principals

Remain Lean: Adaptability to project variability

By its very nature, our business is project-driven. Typically, we engage for 6-18 months on a specific project, and when it's over we move our team to the next engagement. Because of the variability involved, one of our key strategies is to tightly control fixed spending, which allows us to effectively manage the cyclical turns.

Retain Skilled Staff: Capitalizing on decades of experience

Not only do our personnel have decades of combined industry experience, we're fortunate that most of our resources have worked directly for us since the beginning. This familiarity with each other gives SPC a decided advantage in executing our client's scope of work.

Localized Project Management:  

SPC understands that it is critical to manage a project locally from the market. This enables us to connect with our customer in deployment meetings and other customer-facing activities. We also recognize that each locality has its own unique nuances so market familiarity is an essential piece of the puzzle. Our team has recent project experience in all regions of the country.